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Mis à jour : 3 avr. 2019

Friends, After the release of our full LP last year we felt like doing something different before the next record. As such, the time and the mood were right to get our heads down on a few cover songs we particularly enjoy whilst giving them the Moorings' touch. The plan is to get them out one by one, so as a starter, here's 'Killed by Ants' from the Seattle based band The Briefs. We hope you will dig it and that you will also give a listen to the original song. Take care, The Moorings ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Production // Mast Prod Music Recording and Editing // Dphil Jelly Mixing // Quentin Geiss Mastering // Jeremy Benarrosh Filming // Dominique Pichard (Pmod) Video Editing // Dphil Jelly

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